Our Enable practice primary goal is to achieve strategic value through flawless execution. When done well the success of project management is enlightening, even invigorating to an organization. Successful execution is addictive, effective, even liberating. It shows the way. Our practice focuses on Program Directing, Project Managing, Project Audit, Project Rescue and Project Improvement.

Project Management Services

On time? On budget? In scope? Risk Mitigated? Of course it should always be like that. The importance of project management cannot be underestimated as it is typically the single biggest activity undertaken to deploy or enhance a new investment. Don't be saddled with "just a PM", get a specialist.

At Rhodes Management our approach is different. We provide lead consultants who project manage. In other words we provide specialists, not generalists, to your asset intensive or supply chain centric organisation.

From Program Directing to Project Managing our capabilities are extensive. Our lead practitioners typically have formal project management qualifications and / or extensive hands on experience with many methodologies and we will adapt to the methodology which your business prefers.

Our clients will typically engage us for their complex, large and or most pressing of projects. They usually involve SAP, Oracle, Infor, IBM, Esri and ABB platforms. We are often the independent project management capability assurance required to bring together client, contracting, vendor and other consulting resources to deliver an outcome.

Project Audit and Oversight Services

On time? On budget? In scope? Risk Mitigated? Sometimes it’s not always like that. This part of our enabling practice aims to bring certainty to project delivery and reduce risk. We focus on all facets of successful project management delivery. Project managers are extremely busy professionals. Due to the compressed deadline driven nature of everything they do, sometimes things can get missed.

Our audit and oversight services independently and transparently assess many of the factors which affect project delivery – some overt and many of them covert.

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Project Rescue Services

On time? On budget? In scope? Risk Mitigated? Technology rarely fails people, people usually fail technology. And so it goes with projects. Rescuing a project requires special skills of leadership, discipline, focus and shear hard work. When projects go off the rails it’s usually unpleasant for those involved – but the deliverables are often still desperately needed and important to organisation objectives.

Rhodes Management practitioners will bring your project or program in. We are acutely aware of balancing the sensitivities of such situations with the pragmatic requirement for certainty and delivery.

We’re easy to deal with so if you have a query simply email

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