The Improve practice aims to leverage existing investments in people, processes and technology. Many organisations spend vast amounts on new solutions, but rarely fine tune them for positive commercial outcomes. The allure to invest can often subsume the necessity to leverage and improve. But if you do invest we’ll ensure you do it pragmatically and effectively. The practice focuses on operational efficiency and business process improvement consulting and enabled where necessary with the disciplines of integrated change management practices.

Operational Efficiency Consulting

It is unacceptable if your capability, sales, services or delivery promise is not backed up by your supply chain effectiveness. Similarly it is unacceptable if your service delivery promise is not backed up by the physical assets that support that expectation.

Whether it is supply chain centric or asset intensive industries, these markets are mature, competitive and require operational efficiency to be capable, productive and relevant. Shareholder pressures mean every dollar spent or invested should be accounted for and closely managed.

Our proven methods of operational efficiency for the supply chain follow the 7 ‘R’s of supply chain management, underpinned by leading industry frameworks. This means ensuring projects, processes, information and technology are in place to support the

  • Right Product
  • Right Quantity
  • Right Price
  • Right Quality
  • Right Customer
  • Right Location
  • Right Time

For asset management processes and data, this means ensuring projects, information and technologies are in place to support information with the

  • Right Structure
  • Right Accuracy
  • Right Data
  • Right Analysis
  • Right Decisions
  • Right Investment
  • Right Outcome

Change Management, Business Analysis & Process Consulting

Our Change Management capabilities and experience are proven. In fact we're renowned for it. We apply the rigour of both frameworks and experience, because in change management you cannot do one without the other. Our DAC3 framework outlines a proven governance and outcome focus for successful change,

We see many organisations engaging in process improvement initiatives. It is typically undertaken to elicit new functional requirements or simply improve existing processes. Occasionally, our observations and experience reveal they lack rigor, end to end completeness and cross functional integration, which is why they engage us.

For many organisations, business process improvements are a clear option for operational efficiency, enhanced capability, market competitiveness and delivering project, new system and technical assurance. Put simply how do you know where you are heading, if you don’t know where you are?

Business processes and analysis are the “how do I do it / where can I go”. On some assignments we’ve been able to demonstrate and deliver 100,000 hours or more of annual productivity improvements through enhanced business process optimisation - in a single organisation function! That productivity is typically worth in excess of $6,000,000 per annum.

Business processes take a number of forms and there are many areas of improvement and points of discipline which address process:

Compression – reduce time and steps
Digitisation – capture data at the source
Vitrification – process transparency
Connectedness – process inter-relatedness
Synthesis – multiple processes as a whole
Feedback – feedback loops which improve processes
Orchestration – parallel and efficient processes
Customisation – adapting processes to work without having to modify systems
just to name a few.

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