Our Fees

Fees can be a sensitive subject and we have nothing to hide.

We represent outstanding value and bring total commitment to our clients.

Our consultants have a minimum of 10+ years functional, line or project management experience in addition to consulting experience. They bring exceptional relevant real world experience and academic credentials ... there’ll be “no learning on the job”.

Time Based

Our negotiable time based fees are duration dependent, ranging from:

  • $1400 per day for confirmed assignments of 10 months or more, up to
  • $2500 per day for confirmed assignments up to 1 month or less.

For offshore international services our fees range between $2200 to $2800 depending on duration, location and resource seniority.

Time based fees are excellent for specific projects or services that require firm cost estimates.

Fees are exclusive of GST and any disbursements at cost as required.

Outcome Based

We can fix price an assignment to an outcome with predetermined milestones.

Outcome pricing provides excellent assurance and is a great way to manage risk, package up your requirements, particularly when specific resource estimates may not be known. The result is high quality output, based on our extensive IP, with clear milestones to achieve your objectives.

We can also outcome price a project management service if you wish. Outcome based fees are also great for specific pieces of strategy or operational review work where deep, often unknown at the time analysis and research, is required, coupled with specific recommendations and plans for execution.

Fees are exclusive of GST and any disbursements at cost as required.

In ACT & New South Wales (NSW) phone +61 2 8091 4480 In Queensland (QLD & NT) phone +61 7 3102 1921 In Victoria (VIC, SA & WA) phone +61 3 9016 3272